California Ghost Towns

Quiet California Ghost Towns Offer Clues to the Past


California ghost town – Bodie

Visiting ghost towns is at once a fascinating and creepy experience. Viewing the forlorn, skeletal remains of 1850s Gold Rush buildings, it’s hard to believe these communities were once booming centers of commerce and debauchery.

That’s what’s so great about touring the ghost towns of the Sierra Nevada foothills — you really give your imagination a workout as you think back to what life must have been like in those early days.

But don’t let the phrase “California ghost towns” fool you. The ones in the Mother Lode aren’t all dead! Some are actually semi-ghost towns, and many have lively pockets of activity including great bars, restaurants, shopping, and lodging.

Check out our favorite California ghost towns, and get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime journey back in time.

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