Napa Valley Balloons

With Napa Valley Balloons, You’re a Life-Sized Postcard


Napa Valley Ballooning

Imagine it – Napa Valley balloons drifting tranquilly on a gentle current of wind while you watch the sun rise over the lush Napa Valley landscape. Around you, other hot-air balloons carve the early morning air like mini rainbows, creating poetry in the sky.

It’s moments like these that make you thank your lucky stars for the gift of sight and the inventor of the camera. And what better way to celebrate that special birthday, anniversary, marriage proposal, or another of life’s milestones (or just the fact that you’re alive) than a journey in the basket of one of the famous Napa Valley balloons?

What can you expect when you sign up for a hot air balloon excursion? We’ll walk you through the steps.

Dress for Success

A lot of first-timers think it’ll be chilly once they’re aloft. But the coldest part of the morning is on the ground! Dress in comfy layered clothing with walking shoes and a hat. Don’t forget your camera!

Attend your Pre-flight Check-in

Most Napa Valley balloon companies will pick you up at your hotel at no extra charge. Once assembled, your group will be offered a continental breakfast of coffee, pastries, fruit, cereal, and juices while you meet for an orientation with your skilled, experienced FAA-certified pilot. The number of passengers joining you on the trip will depend on the company’s equipment and policies; some Napa Valley balloon companies will carry up to 12 people, others try not to fill to capacity.

Get Ready for some Hustle and Bustle


Inflator fans and burners

The hum of inflator fans, the brilliant colors of the fire-treated Napa Valley balloons (made of lightweight but strong nylon or Dacron), the roar of the burners, people scurrying to and fro – this is the typical scene at the launch site. Some companies even let you assist in the launch.

Lift Off!


Up, up and away…

After the roar comes silence. Gently, you’re lifted on the early morning breeze, though you won’t feel it because you’re moving right along with the wind. (Read: No air sickness!) As you survey the Napa Valley from above, take the time to marvel at views most people only dream about. As you float along, your knowledgeable host will fill you in on all kinds of fascinating local facts and answer any questions you may have.

Celebrate your Successful Napa Valley Balloons Flight with a Champagne Breakfast

The price of most balloon trips includes a post-flight breakfast with bubbly to toast your journey. Cheers!

There you have it – five steps to a successful and memorable hot air balloon excursion. Now, which Napa Valley balloon company will you choose?

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