Yosemite Valley

Things to See

Be a Valley Girl (or Guy)
Yosemite Valley is just a miniscule part of Yosemite California, but it attracts 95 percent of all Yosemite California tourists – an average of 4.1 million a year. It owes its popularity to several incredible waterfalls and the most massive tower of exposed granite in the world (El Capitan).

Go With the Flow
We’re talking Yosemite waterfalls, of course. Yosemite California has the highest concentration of major waterfalls anywhere, including Yosemite Falls, the tallest waterfall in North America. Witness the falls’ full-on fury during the spring, when most snow melt occurs.

Contemplate an Icon
Yosemite Half Dome, the undisputed face of Yosemite California, is a glacially carved geological marquee. Admire it from afar at Glacier Point or don some sturdy hiking boots and gloves for the 17-mile trek to the top and back.

Things to Do

Buy a T-Shirt, Hit the ATM
Although most of Yosemite California is a passionately protected area of wilderness, efforts have been made to balance the need for visitor convenience with respect for the park. Nowhere is this more evident than Yosemite Village, the most developed part of Yosemite California.

Here, you can find it all: a deli, a café, a bookstore, an art gallery, a museum, a sports shop, a post office, medical and dental services, and more. 

Ride the Rails
Enjoy a New York steak BBQ dinner, sing along to old-fashioned ballads, and beware of masked horsemen on the Yosemite train, aka Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad in the Sierra National Forest south of Yosemite California.

Hoof It
Yosemite hiking affords some of the most spectacular views in the world; several noteworthy trails are worth putting on your radar. Bring your rain poncho so you won’t get drenched near the famous Yosemite California waterfalls.

Saddle Up
With three stables inside the park boundaries, Yosemite horseback riding offers a unique and memorable experience, and it’s one of the best ways to experience the splendor of Yosemite California – blister-free! Two-hour, four-hour, and all-day rides are available, and you can even opt for a mule instead of a horse.

Places to Stay

Stay on the Valley Floor
At Yosemite Curry Village, you’re in the thick of the action and all the best Yosemite California views. Here, you can camp without pitching a tent (you’ll stay in a tent cabin) and you don’t have to scorch your own hot dogs or deal with messy s’mores. Pizza, ice cream, a breakfast buffet, and a dinner buffet are just a short walk away.

Pitch a Tent
Yosemite camping comes in two varieties – close-to-the-action and back-country wilderness. If you’re planning on roughing it Yosemite California style, one word comes in especially handy: reservations!

Stay in a Cabin
Yosemite cabins are known as “tent cabins,” consisting of canvas tents constructed on raised board platforms. They’re a great Yosemite California choice if you’re on a budget and traveling with kids.

Enjoy Delux Accommodations
Yosemite lodging ranges from the opulent Ahwahnee Hotel, where queens and presidents have stayed, to rustic inns located both inside Yosemite California and in nearby places like Oakhurst, Mariposa, and El Portal. 

Cozy Up With Your Sweetheart
Yosemite bed and breakfast puts you in the mind of romance while putting you close to all of Yosemite California’s natural delights. With such an intoxicating combination, who knows what chemistry may transpire?! 

Play House
With Yosemite rentals, you get all the conveniences of home in an incomparable setting. Fall asleep to the roar of the Merced River and wake up with deer in your yard at The Redwoods, one of the many rental options available at Yosemite California.

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